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Born into a wealthy family, supportive and encouraging of his talents, Alson Skinner Clark entered into his formal art education by the age of eleven. His parents took the young boy on a tour of Europe before he entered high school as a way of introducing him even further into the world of art. By the time Alson Clark graduated he was prepared for full time study at the Art Institute of Chicago. Unhappy with his teacher however, he travelled to New York to study under William Merritt Chase.

In his early twenties, Alson Clark headed to Paris to study with James McNeil Whistler at the Academie Carmen. Though Whistler was a demanding teacher, Clark valued his time with the painter and credited him with establishing the Impressionistic style in his work.

Alson Clark returned to the United States only briefly, where he married Atta McMullin who had once been his model, and the pair returned to Paris where they lived for the next twelve years. It was during this period that Alson Clark began the practice of painting Plein-Air or outdoors, traveling to Giverny and extensively throughout the rest of Europe.

Alson Clark supported himself and his wife through the sale of his works back in the United States, at painting galleries in New York and Chicago. Alson Clark was exhibiting with great success throughout this period as well. As the years passed however, Alson Clark's initial painting style learned while working with Whistler, was modified to a palette of significantly lighter color and his Impressionist stylings grew more pronounced.

Painting by Alson Skinner Clark titled: Snow Covered Mountain.

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Alson Clark made even more of a name for himself during the final stages of the construction of the Panama Canal, where his professional reputation and connections gave him ready access to the entire site. Alson Clark made many paintings of the scene, and was rewarded for his paintings with a solo painting exhibition at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco in June of 1915.

At the breakout of World War I the Clark's returned to the United States where they lived briefly in South Carolina. Alson Clark would serve as a photographer in Europe during the war, and return home in need of a warm climate to help soothe the injuries he sustained during his service. The couple headed to Pasadena, California where Alson Clark began painting the dramatic landscapes of the entire region.

Alson Clark soon opened the Stickney Memorial School of Art with his friend Guy Rose, had his first solo painting exhibition in California and his first child. By 1925 Alson Clark had taken up large scale mural painting in addition to his landscape work. The couple continued to travel throughout the years, allowing Clark to continue to add to his extensive number or unique landscapes, and by 1940 Alson Clark had arranged for another retrospective show in the Los Angeles County Museum in Los Angeles, California.


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California Art Club, Pasadena, California
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