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Carl Wuermer (1900 - 1983)

Carl Wuermer was a German-born American artist, associated with Impressionism and who had a particularly developed gift for drawing.

He moved from Germany to Chicago and, though he spent the end of his life in California, he is very much a part of Chicago's art history. He studied at the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Art Students League. One of his more prominent teachers was Jarard Reynolds, an accomplished painter of portraits and figures. Wuermer stood out among his peers and was employed as an assistant by Reynolds.

Carl Wuermer's career as an accomplished artists begins in the 1920's when he first began to exhibit. He produced paintings, etchings and drawings, all of which were shown nationally. He was a gifted landscape artist and a gifted figure artist.

Wuermer received several awards from prestigious institutions such as the Carnegie Institute, the National Academy of Design and his own alma matter, the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a member of many art organizations, as well, including the Hudson Valley Art Association, Salons of America, the Illinois Academy of Fine Arts and many more.

Although forever associated with Chicago, Carl Wuermer died in Escondido California at the age of 83.

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