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Euphemia Fortune is not a signature to be found on any of the works of the artist known for her remarkable landscapes of the Monterey Peninsula in California. Instead the artist, who detested her given name, would usually sign her work with the name "Charlton".

Her art education began early in her life - while in her teens she traveled to Scotland to attend the Edinburgh College of Art and to London for training at St John's Wood School of Art. Returning to California in 1905 she continued her studies at the Mark Hopkins Institute followed by work at the Art Students League of New York City.

Unfortunately, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 destroyed much of her early work, which had involved a great deal of portraiture. Following the disaster she and her family moved to New York where "Effie" would find opportunity for further study, painting trips, and even sell some of her work to Harper's magazine.

She and her mother returned to San Francisco in 1910 where Effie took a job illustrating for Sunset magazine. Before settling into the new job however she took a brief trip to Scotland and Paris, returning home with over forty new paintings she had done on her journey.

Painting by E. Charlton Fortune titled: Summer Landscape, 1914.

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She visited Monterey in the summer of 1912, and continued to do so most summers after that for the rest of her time in the San Francisco area. For a short while Effie tried to conduct seminars and teach her methods, but found it difficult to present her theories in a clear and organized manner. While this was not a successful venture, her landscape paintings of the area were winning her great acclaim.

During the years of the First World War she was active in the Red Cross, but continued with her painting, which continued to focus on the coastal areas and towns. By 1920 she was settled permanently in Monterey, and in 1927 she exhibited her landscapes at the Beaux Arts Gallery, where it won tremendous praise. The same show however was not as successful back in California, where the arts community wanted their members to be focusing on social realities and not simple scenic beauty.

After 1927 she continued to paint, but devoted a large amount of time to religious paintings, including the decoration of churches throughout the region. Effie was never married, and died in Carmel on May 15, 1969.

Her work is in the permanent collections of many museums, including several in the Monterey area she loved so much.


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Del Monte Art Gallery, 1907-28
San Francisco Art Association, 1913-34
California Art Club, 1914
Panama-California Exposition (San Diego), 1915 (silver medal)
Panama Pacific International Exposition (San Francisco), 1915 (silver medal)
Helgesen Gallery (SF), 1918, 1921 (solos)
National Academy of Design 1921-32
Paris Salons, 1923, 1924 (silver medal), 1934
Galerie Beaux Arts (San Francisco), 1927 (solo)
Crocker Museum (Sacramento), 1927 (solo)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1928 (solo)
Santa Barbara Art League, 1928 (solo)
Carmel Art Gallery, 1928 (solo)
San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, 1928 (solo)
California State Fairs, 1928-30 (1st prizes)
Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939
Oakland Museum of Art, 1981
Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, 1992


Carmel Art Association
San Francisco Art Association
Society of Scottish Artists
Monterey Guild


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