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American artist Colin Campbell Cooper (also known as C.C. Cooper) is best known for his architectural paintings, however he also created beautiful landscapes, portraits, garden scenes, interior settings and figural paintings. Watercolor paintings by Colin Campbell Cooper can be distinguished by his use of the "California Style" of watercolor painting. His utilization of this style was masterful and the watercolor paintings Cooper created in this style have the appearance of oil paintings, yet they still have some of the lighter qualities of a watercolor painting.

The artist was born into a wealthy Philadelphia family and the artistic skills of Colin Cooper were recognized early in his life. Fortunately the Cooper family encouraged Colin's art and painting skills and saw to it that he attended some of the finest art schools available. Colin Campbell Cooper attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and he then went on to Paris to attend the Academies Vitti, Julian and Delecluse. When the artist had breaks from his formal art schooling in France, he would travel through different parts of Europe in search of subject matter. It was during these painting trips throughout Europe that Colin Campbell Cooper began painting architectural scenes. The quality of these works is what began to give that artist the notoriety he would enjoy during his painting career.

Painting by Colin Campbell Cooper titled: Columbus Circle, New York.

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When Colin Cooper returned to the United States he secured a teaching position at Philadelphia's Drexel Institute. Subsequent to that teaching position Cooper moved to New York City where he met Emma Lampert. She too was an artist and their courtship blossomed into a marriage. Before long they began traveling to different parts of the world in order to find unique subjects for their paintings. While in New York, Colin Campbell Cooper became good friends with an important Impressionist artist by the name of Childe Hassam. This friendship would prove to be an important influence in the life and style of Cooper's later paintings. Specifically, the influence by Childe Hassam proved to have a very positive affect upon how Colin Campbell Cooper utilized the delicate treatment of the subject matter of his paintings and the overall atmospheric quality of their composition.

When Colin and Mrs. Cooper had completed their travels they decided to spend some time in Los Angeles. It was winter time in Southern California and the couple enjoyed the area so much they decided to make a home in Santa Barbara, California. From this point forward Colin Campbell Cooper (also known as C. C. Cooper) lived in Santa Barbara, California. By the time Colin Campbell Cooper settled in California he had already established his reputation as an artist. However the paintings the artist created while living in California further cemented his reputation, particularly for paintings of the West Coast. Colin Campbell Cooper held the position of Dean of Painting at the Santa Barbara Community School of Arts in Santa Barbara, California. He was also a member of numerous art clubs and associations and some of his affiliations included the American Watercolor Society, the California Art Club, and the National Academy of Design. Paintings by Colin Campbell Cooper can be found in a number of museums and they are also held privately by numerous collectors. Some of the museums that hold works by the artist include the Crocker Art Museum and Gallery in Sacramento, California and the New York Historical Society in New York.

Colin Cambpbell Cooper passed away in Santa Barbara, California in November of 1937 at the age of eighty one.


Colin Campbell Cooper Gallery of Art - Visit the Colin Campbell Cooper Gallery of Art website.


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1895 Bronze Medal, Atlanta Exposition, Atlanta, Georgia
1903 W.T. Evans Prize, American Water Color Society
1904 Gold Medal, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
1904 Seinan Prize, Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts
1904 Commemorative Medal as Member of the International Jury of Awards, St. Louis World's Fair
1905 Gold Medal, Art Club of Philadelphia
1908 Elected Associate, National Academy of Design
1910 Bronze Medal, State Fair, Dallas, Texas
1910 International Fine Arts Exposition, Buenos Aires
1911 Beal Prize, New York Water Color Club, New York, New York
1912 Elected Member, National Academy of Design
1915 Gold Medal (oil), Panama-Pacific International Exposition
1915 Silver Medal (watercolor), Panama-Pacific International Exposition
1918 Hudnut Prize, New York Color Club
1918-1919 Walter Lippincott Prize, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
1930 Honorable Mention, San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, California
1931 Honorable Mention, Sixth Annual Southern California Art Exhibition


American Water Color Society, New York, New York
Art Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bernard Club, New York, New York
California Art Club, Pasadena, California
International Jury of Awards at the St. Louis World's Fair, St. Louis, MO
Lotos Club, New York, New York
National Academy of Design, New York, New York
New York Society of Painters, New York, New YorkY
New York Water Color Club, New York, New York
Philadelphia Water Color Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Salamagundi Club, New York, New York


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