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If ever an artist transformed and grew in the public eye, it was Franz Arthur Bischoff (also known as F. A Bischoff and Franz A. Bischoff). Borne in Austria in 1864, Franz A. Bischoff became a well-known and tremendously successful ceramics painter. He would begin his career in Vienna, relocate to Dresden and then move across the sea to America where he found great success in New York, New York, Fostoria, Ohio, and Dearborn, Michigan.

It was in Dearborn where Franz A. Bischoff decided to open his own studio, teaching ceramic painting and continuing to design and create his own popular pieces. By this time Bischoff had all ready earned the title "The King of Rose Painters" for his perfect technique in capturing the delicacy and remarkable color of roses and their petals. During his years in Dearborn he became even better known, winning major awards and exhibiting at world and national fairs.

After an initial visit to Los Angeles, California, Franz A. Bischoff decided to relocate again, and moved his family first to San Francisco, California and then to Los Angeles, California in 1906. This era opened up a new chapter in Franz A. Bischoff's professional career, where he would soon become a well-known and popular painter of landscapes on canvas.

By this time Franz Bischoff was so financially successful that he stopped teaching and designing ceramics, and worked instead on building his own studio and focusing on his painting career. By 1908 Franz A. Bischoff's Renaissance style home, gallery and studio was complete and open to the public. Interestingly the basement level contained a complete ceramic workshop.

Painting by Franz Arthur Bischoff titled: A Villa on the Monterey Coast.

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From this point on, Franz Bischoff's eye never returned to the miniscule images he captured on ceramics, but instead would look to the remarkable scenery of the California landscape. Bischoff was known for taking smaller board panels out into the Arroyo Seco region of his home, where he would compose rapid and free sketches that he relied on in the studio for his larger, formal composition. Franz A. Bischoff would traditionally display these sketches along with the completed painting.

The technique of Franz Bischoff (also known as F. A Bischoff and Franz A. Bischoff) was inspired by Impressionism, but also placed a great deal of emphasis on the use of color. Above all Bischoff is recognized for his remarkable skills as a colorist, relying first on naturalistic schemes, and then slowly transitioning into brighter and richer palettes for his later works. Remarkably, he is known for successfully translating a scene in whatever color scheme he desired due to his strong understanding of visual perception. It is this reason that some also point out Franz A. Bischoff's reliance on some Expressionism techniques in his later work.

Franz A. Bischoff died in 1929, but as a professional, Franz Arthur Bischoff found incredible success and displayed remarkable skill. Today the works of Franz Bischoff are highly valued and his genius often discussed. His work continues to be displayed in major galleries and is frequently reproduced.


Franz Arthur Bischoff Gallery of Art - Visit the Franz Arthur Bischoff Gallery of Art website.


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1904 Exposition in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri


California Art Club, Pasadena, California
Laguna Beach Art Association, Laguna Beach, California


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