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Guy Rose was born in Southern California (San Gabriel, California) and would become known as one of California's first Impressionist painters. When in France he became friends with Claude Monet but he did return to settle permanently in the United States.

He was born into a wealthy family where his father was both a former governor and landowner. When Guy Rose was only nine years old he was injured during an accidental gun shooting. Shortly after he started sketching and painting with watercolors. Guy Rose attended school both in San Francisco at the California School of Design and in 1888 at the Academie Julian in Paris, France. During his formal art training in Paris, Guy Rose studied under Jean Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant. He then went on to the Academie Delacluse where he won a scholarship and developed a lifelong friendship with classmate Frank Vincent.

In the early 1890s Guy Rose returned to the United States and worked as an illustrator for the well-known publications "Scribner's" and "Harper's" in New York. He and his wife returned to France in 1899 and settled in Giverny. He created many paintings from his studio in Giverny and this was the period during which he formed a close friendship with the famous Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. When one studies the paintings created by Guy Rose from this point forward they clearly show the influence that Monet had upon him.

Painting by Guy Rose titled: Off Mission Point.

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World War I was threatening to break out and in 1912 Guy Rose and his wife returned to the United States and they opened an art school in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The artist had repeated bouts of illness from lead poisoning and this was attributed to the shooting accident when he was nine. Certain paints and pigments seemed to trigger the illness and in 1914 he once again became sick. About this time the couple made the decision to move to a warmer climate and they moved to Los Angeles, California.

In California, Guy Rose held the position of Director at the Stickney Memorial School of Art. He also continued to create his own paintings while he held that position. In 1921 Guy Rose suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed. The artist had spent most of his life creating paintings that were inspired by his surroundings but the paralysis ended his painting career. While in France and California the artist created numerous figural paintings and landscapes for which he is well known.

Guy Rose died in Pasadena, California in November of 1925.


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1894 Honorable Mention, Paris Salon
1901 Bronze Medal, Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo
1915 Silver Medal, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco
1915 Gold Medal, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego
1921 William Preston Harrison Prize, California Art Club, Pasadena, California


Art Institute of Chicago
Boston Art Club
California Art Club, Pasadena, California
National Academy of Design
Paris Salons
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Laguna Beach Art Association, Laguna Beach, California


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