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A California native who spent thirty-seven years of his life in Europe, painter Joseph Morris Raphael would become an internationally recognized advocate of Impressionism. He was strongly affiliated with California Impressionism and also known to be a leading follower and supporter of pure French Impressionism.

During his career Joseph Raphael would work as a painter with oil and watercolor, and he would produce etchings and pen and ink drawings, as well as wood cuts, but it is his works in oil that he most well known for. Joseph Raphael relied on the heavy application of paint, in the "Impasto" technique, and once he abandoned his early palette - heavily influenced by Dutch genre paintings - his works began to reflect the lightness of the Impressionists.

Joseph Raphael studied for ten years at the School of Design in San Francisco before relocating to Europe, at the age of thirty three. By 1902 he was enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and would remain in Europe until the onset of World War II. While overseas he spent his time in Holland, France and Belgium, and his San Francisco agent staged regular exhibitions of his work in the city.

In 1939 Joseph Raphael relocated his family back to the United States and remained a resident of San Francisco until his death in 1950. Throughout his career his subjects remained consistent, and were often those selected by the Impressionists - garden scenes, colorful landscapes, and frequently his children. He would eventually be compared to some of the post-Impressionists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, both for his technique and his subjects.

Painting by Joseph Morris Raphael titled: The Artist's Home, Uccle, Belgium.

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The paintings of Joseph Raphael are in some major museums, including those in California and France, where he regularly exhibited in the Salons. Joseph Raphael won the Gold Medal at the Panama Pacific Expo in 1915 as well.

Joseph Raphael is widely acclaimed for his original and vigorous outdoor scenes. He passed away in December of 1950.


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1900 Gold Medal, Mark Hopkins Institute
1906 Honorable Mention, Paris Solon
1915 Silver Medal, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California
1915 Gold Medal, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, California
1918 Gold Medal, San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, California


1896-1939 San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, California
1904-1906 Paris Salon
1910 San Francisco Institution of Art, San Francisco, California
1913 Del Monte Art Gallery, Monterey, California
1913 California Society of Etchers
1915 Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, California
1924 Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, California
1933 Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, California
1935, 39, 40, 51 San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California
1935 San Francisco Museum of Art Inaugural, San Francisco, California
1939 Golden Gate International Exposition
1941 Gump's, San Francisco, California
1960 California Historical Society
1980 Stanford University, Stanford, California
Art Institute of Chicago
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, California
California Society of Etchers


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