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Selden Connor Gile (also known as S. C. Gile) is known as a painter of Impressionist-Fauvist landscapes of California scenery. Selden Gile was a founding member of the "Society of Six" that would devote themselves to one another and to fostering their own unique style through group shows and painting excursions in the region. They operated in the Bay Area of California from 1918 to 1930. Selden Gile was considered the major force behind the Society. A self-taught artist and painter, Selden Gile was artistically talented and interested in more refined past times, and was sent to business school after graduating from high school. He stayed with his brother, a professional chef who trained Gile how to cook and properly host a meal.

Selden Gile was born in Stow, Maine, to parents from Salem, England; he was named after Seldon Connor, who was the Governor of Maine. Selden's family lived on a farm. From childhood, Selden Gile was looked at much differently from his brothers because of his artistic talents and obvious refinement. Selden Gile completed high school in 1894 after which, he lived with his brother Frank Gile in Portland, Maine, where he attended Shaw's Business College. Frank Gile taught his brother Selden Gile how to cook, a quality that would later serve Selden well in California among his artist colleagues.

A General Marshall Wentworth, owner of a hostelry where Selden Gile had worked, took an interest in Selden and arranged a job as paymaster and clerk on a ranch in Rocklin, California. Selden Gile's reasons for wanting to head West are unknown, but one of his brothers loaned him fifty dollars for the journey. His job was dangerous, requiring him to deliver the payroll from the bank to the ranch, and he carried a gun which he sometimes used to defend himself.

Painting by Selden Gile titled: Beach Lagoon, 1936.

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Selden Gile ended up falling in love with the daughter of a ranch owner; her name was Beryl Whitney. But when her parents who were disapproving of their relationship, sent her away to Europe, she married another man and hurt Selden very deeply. From then on, Selden Connor Gile kept away from women. In 1905, he moved to Oakland, California, and worked as a salesman of ceramic building materials for Gladding McBean whose products became critical in the rebuilding of San Francisco, California after the big earthquake.

With the Society of Six, Selden Gile exhibited paintings at the Oakland Art Gallery. And in 1927, he moved north to Tiburon across the Golden Gate Bridge; after that, Selden moved to a houseboat in Belvedere where he continued to paint. But Selden Gile also became associated with a heavy drinking crowd, which ultimately affected the quality of his painting.

Selden Gile died from alcoholism on June 8, 1947, and is buried at the cemetery at Mt. Tamalpais, a site he loved to paint.


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1923-28 Society of Six, Oakland
1928 Galleries Beaux Arts, San Francisco
1929 Santa Cruz Statewide
1929 Vallejo Art Guild
1932 Oakland Art Gallery
1933, 1935, 1936 Oakland Art Association
1935 San Francisco Museum of Art Inaugural
1976-77 Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
1981 Oakland Museum


American Artists Professional League
Marin County Art Association
Oakland Art League


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