Early Fine Art Dealers buys original paintings by over 400 artists.

Early Fine Art Dealers

Early Fine Art Dealers specializes in valuing and purchasing important paintings from the 17th century through the early 20th century. Our buyers are in constant search for fine works of art and paintings, spanning the globe for original well-known Old Master, European, American, and early California art. Each year we preview and participate in hundreds of private sales, art shows, gallery showings, exhibitions and auctions.

Our constant contact with collectors of artwork provides you with an excellent source should you wish to sell your painting. If you are interested in selling your original painting, you may wish to complete and submit the form on this page so we can match your painting to a collector.

Certificate of Estimated Value

Make sure you have an accurate idea of what your original painting is worth in today's market; Early Fine Art Dealers can help you determine an approximate value of your original painting. You will receive a formal Certificate of Estimated Value with which you can use to shop for buyers should you decide to sell your painting. Our values will be in line with current market values allowing you to accurately list your painting for auction or for private sale.

Gallery Services

  • We Buy Paintings - Our gallery experts buy paintings and art by over 500 top-level artists.
  • Free Evaluation and Certificate of Estimated Value - Our gallery experts can help you determine whether or not you have an authentic original painting, and for a nominal fee, you may decide you would like to be issued a formal Certificate of Estimated Value.
  • Conservation and Restoration - Our painting conservation and restoration experts are world renowned.
  • Framing Services - Our fine art framers are the best in the country and offer a wide selection of gallery quality, hand-carved, period-style frames for your paintings.

Top Selling American Artists

Malines, Belgium - Colin Campbell Cooper

WE ARE DEALERS OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS - For immediate assistance, complete the form below and contact one of our painting and fine art experts about selling your painting. Please note that our gallery only deals with original paintings - No Prints Please.
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