Edward Cucuel Biography

Edward Alfred Cucuel (1875-1954) was born in San Francisco, California. He is best known for his paintings of sunny genre scenes of boating, afternoon tea, sleeping or reading in landscape settings. Edward Cucuel's paintings of nudes and women in interiors were also common subjects. According to Fritz von Ostini, in his book "Der Maler Edward Cucuel" the artist never employed professional models, preferring instead to represent his friends and family.

At the age of 14, Edward Cucuel attended the School of Design in San Francisco. His father was a newspaper publisher and as a teenager Edward Cucuel worked as an illustrator for a number of local newspapers. In 1892 Edward Alfred Cucuel went to Paris and studied at the Academie Julian. In 1893, he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts as a student of Jean-Leon Gerome. Three years later he returned to the United States and settled in New York.

In New York, Edward Cucuel obtained work as an illustrator and this provided him with enough money to return to Europe. He returned to Paris and spent two years there devoting himself to art. He then travelled through France and Italy to study the Old Masters. On to Germany, Edward Cucuel went to Berlin and worked mainly as an illustrator. In 1907 Edward Cucuel moved to Munich and this would be his home for many years. He joined the Scholle group of artists led by Leo Putz and exhibited paintings at the Munich Secession. Edward Cucuel, like the other members of the Scholle group, strove to develop his own artistic style and in 1912 Edward Cucuel successfully exhibited some of his paintings in Paris. Edward Cucuel developed his own vibrant Impressionist style during this period of working closely with Leo Putz.

For several summers before Edward Cucuel was married, the two artists worked side-by-side in a garden west of Munich. It was at this time that Edward Cucuel began to paint with the vibrant palette and rich impasto for which he is best known. In 1913, Edward Alfred Cucuel married Clara Lotte von Marcard.

From 1928-1934, Edward Cucuel began to spend winters in New York, returning to Germany for the summer months. When Word War II started in 1939, Edward Cucuel left Germany for good and settled in Pasadena, California.

Edward Cucuel died in Pasadena, CA in 1954.

Edward Cucuel Exhibitions:
1890, 1896 Mechanics Institute
1898, 1901 Mark Hopkins Institute, CA
1912 Munich Secession, Germany
1912 Salon d'Automne, Paris
1913, 1920 Art Institute of Chicago, IL
1914, 1920 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA
1915 (Silver Medal) The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, CA

Edward Cucuel Memberships:
Isaria and Aussteller-Verbund Munchner Kunstler, Der Ring, Munich
Salon d'Automne, Paris
Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris

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