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The mission of the Frank Tenney Johnson Gallery of Art is to provide an unparalleled resource for the preservation, collecting, exhibiting and sales of paintings by Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939).

An important American Western genre artist, Frank Tenney Johnson was born in Iowa and was raised on a farm on the old Overland Trail. This exposure to the American West would prove to be an important influence and inspiration for Frank Tenney Johnson as an artist. He is well known for his masterful portrayal of western life, skies and especially night scenes.

Utilizing the highest professional standards, the Frank Tenney Johnson Gallery of Art provides comprehensive research, conservation, evaluations, framing, sales and acquisition services for your Frank Tenney Johnson artwork. We are dedicated to preserving the fine art created by Frank Tenney Johnson for future generations of collectors, museums, scholars and all those who can appreciate his work.

Our constant contact with collectors of Frank Tenney Johnson artwork provides you with an excellent source should you wish to sell your Frank Tenney Johnson painting. If you are interested in purchasing works of art by Frank Tenney Johnson, you may wish to add your name to our mailing list so we can notify you of new availabilities. We hope that this website will enrich your enjoyment and understanding of the art of Frank Tenney Johnson.

Gallery Services

WE BUY PAINTINGS - Our gallery experts buy and sell paintings and art by Frank Tenney Johnson and all inquiries are confidential.

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ART EVALUATIONS - Our gallery experts can provide you with a free Frank Tenney Johnson painting evaluation.

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