Granville Redmond Biography

Granville Seymour Redmond (1871-1935) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he was about three years old, Granville Redmond suffered a bout of scarlet fever and this illness left him deaf and speechless.

The family moved to San Jose, CA and there Granville Redmond attended the Berkeley School for the deaf. There he was taught painting, drawing and pantomime and encouraged in his study of art and painting. This was the beginning of a painting career for Granville Redmond and he was to become an important Impressionist artist well known for his California landscape paintings. It is important to note that Granville Redmond's paintings were not limited to the artistic style of impressionism as he also utilized pointillism and tonalism during his painting career.

When Granville Redmond graduated from the Berkeley School for the Deaf he began his art studies at the San Francisco School of Design. His talents at art and painting earned him a scholarship along with a gold medal and he went on to continue his studies at the Academie Julian in Paris. Already displaying a mastery of painting, Granville Redmond submitted a painting to the Paris Salon in 1895 and it was accepted for exhibition.

When Granville Redmond returned to California in the early 1900's he settled in Southern California and began to create California landscape paintings. His popularity grew and he began to submit paintings to major California art exhibits. The Northern California art community was alive and well during this time and Granville Redmond lived there intermittently and became an active artist in that region. His painting submission to the Alaska-Yukon Pacific exposition won him a Silver Medal in 1909.

Back in Southern California, Granville Redmond became good friends with Charlie Chaplin and even had a painting studio on Chaplin's movie lot. Chaplin also gave Granville Redmond small parts in some of his movies and in one part he played an art sculptor in the movie "City Lights".

Granville Redmond is best known for his California landscape paintings of rolling hills with poppies and lupines. Other popular painting scenes for Granville Redmond include coastal scenes, moonlit scenes and seascapes.

Primarily known as an impressionist artist, Granville Seymour Redmond passed away on May 24, 1935 in Los Angeles, California.

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