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The mission of the Jack Wilkinson Smith Gallery of Art is to provide an unparalleled resource for the preservation, collecting, exhibiting and sales of paintings by this early Impressionist artist. Jack Wilkinson Smith began his career as a commercial artist. After moving to California in 1906, he focused primarily on oil painting instead of watercolor painting, as he had done previously.

Jack Wilkinson Smith traveled extensively through the State of California in search of subject matter and is best known for his seascapes and Sierra landscape paintings. Utilizing the highest professional standards, the Jack Wilkinson Smith Gallery of Art provides comprehensive research, conservation, evaluations, framing, sales and acquisition services for your Jack Wilkinson Smith artwork. We are dedicated to preserving the fine art created by the artist for future generations of collectors, museums, scholars and all those who can appreciate his work.

Our constant contact with collectors of Jack Wilkinson Smith artwork provides you with an excellent source should you wish to sell your Jack Wilkinson Smith painting. If you are interested in purchasing works of art by Jack Wilkinson Smith, you may wish to add your name to our mailing list so we can notify you of new availabilities. We hope that this website will enrich your enjoyment and understanding of the art and paintings by this artist.

Gallery Services

WE BUY PAINTINGS - Our gallery experts buy and sell paintings and art by Jack Wilkinson Smith and all inquiries are confidential.

WE CAN SELL YOUR ART - Our gallery experts have the experience, knowledge and contacts to assist you with buying or selling Jack Wilkinson Smith paintings.

ART EVALUATIONS - Our gallery experts can provide you with a free Jack Wilkinson Smith painting evaluation.

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