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Ann Sophia Darrah (1891 - 1881)

Ann Sophia Darrah, also known by Ann Sophia Towne Darrah, was a Plein-Aire landscapist and portrait artist of the Mid-nineteenth Century. Her father, John Henry Towne, was an avid collector of art and endowed a scientific school at the University of Philadelphia.

She was incredibly prolific. When a memorial was held to her after her death, the exhibition contained sixty oil paintings and over 200 watercolors and charcoal pieces. She was acknowledged for her abilities within her own lifetime, her work being exhibited at the Bierstadt Exhibition in New Bedford, Massachusetts and the Contemporary Art Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Her education included studying both domestically with Paul Weber and studies conducted abroad in Europe.

Ann Sophia Darrah, was initially drawn to the life of a musician. It was only after she married that she developed an interest in becoming a painter. She is most associated with the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. This region had drawn the interest and filled the canvases of many of her era's landscape artists, including some of the famed Hudson River school. Her landscapes tend toward a palate of soft colors and to have an open and expansive feeling to them.

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