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Artist Information: Early Fine Art Dealers prides itself not only in dealing with the finest paintings and works of art available in today's market, but also in knowing pertinent details about the artists who created or painted these paintings and works of art and the best avenues available through which artist paintings may be sold. Click the Artist Information link to the right and you will have access to biographies and information for over 400 artists.

Art Movements: Reference major historical art movements as well as some of the artists who helped make these periods so impactful. Click the Art Movements link to the right where you will be able to learn more about the development of these periods and the associated artists and paintings.

Art Organizations & Groups: Early Fine Art Dealers is devoted to the preservation of the art and history of period artists. We support many of the art and painting related organizations and institutions, and hope you will find the links we have provided as useful and informative. Click the Art Organizations & Groups link to the right where you will be able to explore many fine art organizations, institutions, and museums, all showcasing renowned artists and paintings.