Certificate of Estimated Value

Early Fine Art Dealer experts can help you determine a value for your painting should you decide to take a more complete approach in the sale of your art work.

The Early Fine Art Dealer Certificate of Estimated Value assures you are able to take your painting value with you to the marketplace.

An EFAD Certificate of Estimated Value will give you an estimated market value of your original painting as well as a formal and official certificate which you will be able to include with the sale listing of your painting.

This certificate will include the date of valuation, the artist name, the medium type, the painting dimensions, a notation as to whether or not the painting is signed, a photo of the painting, a market value range with a low and high value of the painting, a certificate number, and an EFAD watermark to guarantee authenticity.

The fee for the market value research and certficate is $75.00 U.S. You will receive an official, hard copy of your certificate which you will need to present to your potential buyers. A copy will also remain on file in the EFAD valuation database for future reference should a prospective buyer want to verify the validity of the certificate. Please note that if the painting you would like certified is not an original work of art, the certificate will not be of value to a prospective buyer.

If you are interested in obtaining an EFAD Certificate of Estimated Value, click the "Purchase Certificate" button below and you will be taken to a secure shopping cart page. Please note that your bank statement will reflect VINNOV, Inc as our merchant.

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