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Constant Troyon (1810 - 1865)

Constantin Troyon, called Constant, was born August 28, 1810 in S�vres, a town with a well-established porcelain tradition spanning several centuries. Both his father, a porcelain painter, and his mother, a burnisher, worked at the porcelain factory, and several accounts mention that Constant was born inside the manufactory itself, though he most likely just lived next door. When he was just seven, and his mother was working as a burnisher at the porcelain factory, he began studying under Riocreux, Troyon's godfather and director of the factory, who would later also take on Troyon. He was not the most diligent student, however, and preferred to wander outdoors rather than sit for official lessons. Fittingly, he began his early career as a painter in the porcelain factory and would continue this until the late 1830's, at which point he became a professional landscape painter. Troyon was part of the Barbizon School, a loosely associated group of artists working in the small village of Barbizon, France, on the edge of the Forest at Fontainebleau.

Troyon spent most of his later years in Normandy, the Touraine, and the environs of Paris. He died on March 20th, 1865 after suffering a stroke that led to paralysis and diminished his intellectual capacity.

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