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Henry Lee McFee (1886 - 1953)

Henry Lee McFee is an American artist whose work is associated with the cubist and synchronist movements. He was active in the Woodstock, New York art colony, becoming one of the founders of the Woodstock Artist's Association.

McFee had the good fortune to inherit a great deal of money which allowed him to finance his own education and to pursue his career as a painter. He studied at the Stevenson Art School and spent two summers as a student of Birge Harrson at the Art Students League in Woodstock. His experiences in Woodstock had great influence on the nature of his later work.

Henry Lee McFee was respected and his work widely-exhibited during his lifetime. His work was shown at the MacDowell Club in 1913 and at the Gallerie Georges Petiti's International Art Exhibition in Paris in 1920 along with the works of other artists. His first solo exhibition was held at the Rehn Galler in 1927.

He was the recipient of a 1940 Guggenheim Fellowship and taught at Claremont College.

His work is categorized as among examples of synchronist work, which sought to use color as a means to directly convey emotion and as among the paintings of the cubist movement.

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