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Early Fine Art Dealers specializes in valuing and purchasing important paintings from the 17th century through the early 20th century. Our buyers are in constant search for fine works of art and paintings, spanning the globe for original well-known Old Master, European, American, and early California art. Each year we preview and participate in hundreds of private sales, art shows, gallery showings, exhibitions and auctions. We are in constant search for fine works to purchase. Please contact us today to discuss the sale of one of your paintings. Please note that our gallery only deals with original paintings. No Prints Please.

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The artistic movement known as Neoclassicism is considered one of the least emotional periods in the history of art. It is exemplified by logic and "purity" and looks to the ancient models of Greece and Rome for its inspiration. Because of its seeming inaccessibility many artists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries turned towards a new mindset and artistic style that would come to be called "Romanticism".

It is a highly emotional and evocative manner of creating art, yet the style also requires an intellectual component on part of the artist and the viewer. This is because the Romantic Movement placed a great deal of significance on symbolism. For example, the painters of America's Hudson River School are frequently placed under the heading of Romanticism for their symbolic landscapes, which suggest the presence of a higher power at work.

Most of the Romantic painters relied on intense colors, yet softer outlines. They organized very complex compositions, and yet made sure the entire subject was charged with emotion. They frequently chose a heroic subject matter, which was in conjunction with the popular literary trends of the period.

Painters frequently associated with Romanticism include Thomas Cole, J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, Eugene Delacroix, and John William Waterhouse among many others.

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